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About The Palmtree and Palm Trees

Sunset and Palm Trees


My story begins with my name.  My name is Tamarah.   Tamarah in  Hebrew means "palm tree".  I love my name because it accurately describes me and the life I live. 

Palm trees are unique in their structure compared to other trees. 

The stem of a palm tree is made of many small bundles of woody material, similar to bundles of wires inside a telephone cable. Most trees have a cylinder trunk which provides strength to support a huge weight of branches, but limited flexibility.   The bundles of woody material in a palm tree gives it great flexibility to bend in storms without snapping.  Bending in the storms makes the tree stronger.   Another unique feature is it's leaves.  The flexible spine and soft fronds do not resist strong winds but rather, fold in together and flow with the wind. 

Through the many "storms" in my life, I have allowed them to shape me to be stronger and more fruitful.  I have become better, not bitter.  I have learned to flow with the wind and stay close to my people. 

Many years ago I had a health crises.  I had several symptoms for which my doctor had no answers.   I was fatigued, had daily headaches, joint pain, an irregular cycle, painful PMS, acne, brain fog, hair loss and allergies.  I felt old and worn out at the ripe age of 34.  I began to research on my own and found the answers I needed.   I learned that the body is designed to heal itself.  I changed my diet, lifestyle and thinking. I built daily habits that empowered my body to heal and make energy.  Within six months every single symptom disappeared. 

 I want to help you, find Health, Healing and Hope! 

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